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“They just did 15 months for you, give them 15 minutes of your time.”

I can’t say it any better than the Dad of a soldier did in this video.

Update: Here is some salve for the disillusioned soul; proof one man can make a difference.

Army widens probe after finding bad conditions at Fort Bragg

.. Rogers said it was too soon to know whether the Fort Bragg problem was an isolated incident. He acknowledged the revelations from a video shot by the father of an 82nd Airborne Division soldier showing poor conditions such as mold inside the barracks, peeling interior paint and a bathroom drain plugged with sewage.

The soldier’s father, Ed Frawley, said he was disgusted by the conditions that greeted his son and the rest of his 82nd Airborne unit that returned on April 7-8 after a 15-month tour of duty in Afghanistan.

“We let our soldiers down, and that’s not like us,” Rogers told reporters. “We let our soldiers down. That’s not how we want America’s sons and daughters to live. There’s no good excuse for what happened.”

Read the rest here.

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You can hear the evidence and read the story here, here and here.

In order to ensure adequate righteous outrage at this tactic, I provide to you the following definition from Wikipedia. Please pay particular attention to the highlighted keywords.

A push poll is a political campaign technique in which an individual or organization attempts to influence or alter the view of respondents under the guise of conducting a poll. In a push poll, large numbers of respondents are contacted, and little or no effort is made to collect and analyze response data. Instead, the push poll is a form of telemarketing-based propaganda and rumor mongering, masquerading as a poll. Push polls are usually the “innuendo” manifestation of knowledge gleaned from opposition research on an opponent. generally viewed as a form of negative campaigning. Push polling has been condemned by the American Association of Political Consultants, and is illegal in New Hampshire.

Now let’s review the keywords along with some synonyms:

  • Guise - cloak, cover, disguise, false colors, front, mask, masquerade, pretense, pretext, semblance, veil, veneer
  • Propaganda - misinformation, distortion, lies, rabble rousing, fear-mongering, demagoguery
  • Rumor mongering - Gossiping, scuttlebutt, innuendo, misinforming, calling fire in a crowded theater, crying wolf
  • Masquerading - a false outward show, false appearance, pretend to be someone or something that you are not
  • Innuendo - insinuation, implication, incrimination
  • Negative campaigning - Bush, Rove, Clinton
  • Condemned - wrong, guilty, worthless, unacceptable
  • Illegal - against the law, prohibited, criminal

And now you know.

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The Keystone State License PlateRemember the days when states each had one license plate, proudly declaring something special about its people or place? Florida was The Sunshine State, Missouri was The Show Me State, Kentucky - The Bluegrass State, New York - The Empire State.

Gone are those days.

Florida long ago abandoned it’s claim to sunshine in favor of saving the whales, the turtles, the dolphins, the panthers, the manatees, the everglades, bears, the Buccaneers, and unborn children.

Florida proposed I Believe Licence PlateNow a new plate is being debated, the “I Believe” plate. Considering that we already have 8,342 plates, I have to say, this isn’t much more than shrug worthy - until another group applies for the “God Is Dead” plate. And you know its going to happen.

Florida will be sorry it didn’t stick to sunshine.

Currently Available Florida License Plates:





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I post this to make up for my earlier weakness.

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Let me start by saying that I feel dirty for posting these. I am weak. They made me laugh even though they are blatantly unfair. I think McCain actually got it right on the mortgage ‘crisis’. So, like Pontius Pilate I wash my hands in the font of a disclaimer. The views expressed below don’t really reflect my own, fairer and wiser views.

And some folks who like him even less made this one;