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And Hillary knows it. At this point we can only speculate why she has declared her intention to campaign in West Virginia and Oregon this next week. My guess is that she hopes to recoup some of the millions she donated to herself.

Her victory/concession/ speech in Indianapolis last night reminded me of when Oral Roberts declared God told him he would die if he didn’t raise some number of millions of dollars. Back then my pastor, Wayne Smith, promoted a bumper sticker reading: “Send Oral To Heaven In 87″.

I loved Wayne Smith.

Democratic party leaders should be as wise as Pastor Smith. He knew when to stand up to the power players. They should have to the courage to stand up to the Clintons and call it what it is. Panhandling and positioning herself for 2012, even if that means damaging Obama, the Democratic party or America itself.

The fat lady sang, they can tell her they saw it here.

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UPDATE Part IV: (I post this first to give Mr. Kantor the benefit of the doubt. Updates 1-3 are below the original post)

I just read Kantor’s defense and he certainly seems adament about never having used /that/ word.

Then again, so did Mark Ferman. Still.. I would like to believe him. Maybe the second slur was doctored rather than enhanced. When I crank the volume I hear it but I won’t rule out the possibility that I am hearing it because I am predisposed to after watching the first video.

The first slur “Those people are shit” seems, to my hearing, maybe saying “Those people are shit(or shitting)..(unintelligible) Whitehouse.” This would tend to put the second slur out of context and so I am left wondering, Did he, or Didn’t he.

My thinking on this now is that someone with the equipment needs to enhance the soundtrack so this man is exonnerated if he is innocent and put out to pasture if he is not.

Original Post:

If not, it doesn’t matter, according to Clinton adviser Mickey Kantor.

Looking at polls in the documentary, The War Room, Kantor is seen with James Carville and George Stephanopolis. You know, the very same George Stephanopolis that moderated the ABC Ambush (debate) and will be hosting the 60 minutes Hillary Infomercial (town hall) in Indianapolis on Sunday, hours before voting begins.

Kantor says, “It doesn’t matter. Those people are shit.”

He looks up and says, “Oh, excuse me.”

Then he leans over near George and says conspiratorially, “How would you like to be a worthless white nigger?”

With the cameras rolling…

The video is gone back (but without subtitles):

However if you watch documentary, The War Room (1992), crank the sound up when Kantor enters the picture and watch his lips carefully.

Here is the relevant clip from the documentary, Kantor enters at 4:37.

Wonder how long till they pull this clip.


ABC has pulled its story. Here is a screen shot of what was here ( an hour or so ago.

ABC War Room Story before it was pulled

And here it is now:

ABC War Room Story AFTER it was pulled


It’s ba-ack. (Only different.)

ABC War Room Story before it was pulled