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I can not begin to express how happy I was to hear those words.

Damn, What will I say now?If I heard Hillary use the phrase “from day one” once more, something might have snapped in my id. I mean some bad mojo. I just could not stand to hear it again. Now, Obama, with one snappy come back has robbed her of the use of that slogan!

Will she dare say it again and risk invoking the memory of Wolf Blitzer asking her, “If I understand you right Mrs. Clinton, you just said that you were naive in trusting George W. Bush?”

By all that is holy, let us hope not.

For a more analytical response check out Driving Too Fast.

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When, during the Democratic debate in Vegas Tuesday night Hillary proposed her intention to freeze interest rates for five years, my comment was, “That is recklessly stupid.”

I didn’t put enough thought into it to analyze what made it so stupid. It was just gut knowledge, some basic but probably forgotten understanding of what makes financial markets work, and what breaks them. This morning I am pleased to discover that Fortune Magazine agrees.

Hillary’s modest proposal (to wreck the housing market)

The current mortgage mess requires a more intelligent approach than the buzzsaw plan floated by Hillary Clinton.

By Jon Birger, senior writer

(Fortune) — Hillary Clinton is no dummy. Even her detractors know that. And yet in last night’s Democratic presidential debate in Nevada, Clinton floated what is perhaps the dumbest solution to the current mortgage mess I’ve heard from a top presidential contender.

Back in the early Eighties I was selling Real Estate in NY. Mortgage interest rates were an insane 16 - 18% even up to 21% for commerical property, the good ones were adjustable in 5 years, the not so good - in as little as one year. The worst of them came with “balloons”, a clause that means after a preset period of time the bank would call the loan. These we could catagorize into bad and worse, bad being a 5 year balloon, worse being a 1 year balloon.

There was no government freeze, yet as anyone who was fortunate enough to own a home in the mid-eighties knows, rates came down - way, way down - and market values soared. People who were able to survive the hard times were rewarded with huge appreciation. continue reading this entry »

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What is it about Tommy Thompson that makes the press treat him as if he didn’t exist? I have been waiting to hear more from him since the first debate, when he impressed me with some astute answers delivered with a refreshing forthright manner that seemed in sharp contrast to the rest of the candidates dancing and evading around issues they didn’t really seem to grasp.

Last night I was finally able to watch the Iowa debate and true to the reviews I had seen, it was not worth the wait. The only candidate that seemed to have anything worthwhile to say was Thompson. Stephanopoulos seemed determined to make sure he got no more than 15 second stretches (about 3 of them in total) to speak. Unless I fell asleep during one of Romney’s monologues and missed it, Tommy wasn’t even invited to answer a couple of the questions that Stephanopoulos announced would be put to everyone.

Matt, at Driving Too Fast Down The Middle Of The Road, did a complete review of each candidates performance and I think his analysis, as usual, is dead on.

As for Tommy, The Incredible Invisible Thompson, The Candidate not The Actor - well.. continue reading this entry »